Emraan Hashmi fitness routine during covid-19

Emraan Hashmi fitness routine during covid-19

The golden egg is the same thing. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.Pretty much the same stuff every day. It gets even worse when I’m traveling. So I have Gucci and I have coffee. I have a bulletproof coffee, which is e and in coconut oil in coffee. Then for lunch, I have, you know, sabzi and Darlin, probably roti I don’t have too much rice. And the night I have, u see Emraan Hashmi fitness routine.

very cranky and very crabby

I don’t have roadies, I just have probably chicken Oh, I have some subs he thought they I tried to get a minimum of six hours anything below that I get very cranky and very crabby. Anything upgraders I used to have short meals earlier the six meals a day thing. But now I’m following another diet. I kind of fast between meals. So when you having a lot of fats which you have bulletproof coffee, you don’t have to have so many meals it keeps you full. So I don’t have more than the maximum. I’ll go up to four meals sometimes three minutes. That’s about it. I stopped fruits now because of the sugar. If I eat foods, I like mango as one time I make an exception during all the mango season.

I love strawberries. I do like seafood. Yes. I’m actually refusing to even have fish.

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Best food for me during Covid-19

Vegetable broccoli. Vegetables I don’t like inside of them. I like them lightly tossed. sorted. So fried. Yeah, not solid, not raw. I have here with my coffee twice a day. I used to be a tea person. I’m a coffee person. I have two cups of coffee every day. I have Joe arati, not nodata I don’t have gluten. I’m allergic to gluten. My cheat days also are not anything epic. Even if I call for dessert would be some sugar-free made and jaggery kind of sweet or even if it’s a pizza. It’s like a gluten-free pizza. So my cheat day and never go and eat craploads of stuff me feeling like shit the next morning.

I’ll never do that. dessert. I like rasmalai I like tiramisu. Occasionally, I become more of a wine drinker now red wine. favorite dish.

Sometimes order from outside if it’s a cheat meal

It just won’t be the past variety. It will be a properly cooked gluten-free pizza. Yes, we are online if I’m at home and we don’t get out then. And if you’ve not made food at home and we order it’s not going out. We do not want a restaurant I like to keep to everything and food. I don’t stick to one. Very proper diet. Sometimes order from outside if it’s a cheat meal. Otherwise, it’s very set my routine. The chefs in hotels go crazy because they can’t understand how one person can for 30 days order the same things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s what I do. Like for the bar of blood now shooting in the dark for 25 days. The chef used to laugh on the phone is like Terada golden kebab is the same thing. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

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