Nitin Mukesh fitness routine during covid-19

Neil Nitin Mukesh fitness routine during covid-19

Nitin Mukesh fitness routine: I like maintaining at least a minimum, six to seven hours of good sleep. My entire family loves the golden dragon. I’m not too much of a Chinese guy. I remember when I was a child I used to, you know, I used to see a cartoon where they used to go with the big corn you know, they used to go Capcom.

How Mukesh maintain his fitness routine

Hi guys, this is Neil Mukesh, you’re watching me on Bollywood Hungama. Generally, my breakfast lunch and dinner are very, it’s a stable life. I wake up in the morning, I have about three-point eggs with a bowl of oats. And no sugar in the woods. No honey, no sugar, just plain water. Boiled oats with one cut fruit and a date. And about four months is what I have for my breakfast. For lunch. I have some red golden rice or maybe brown rice with some steamed fish or maybe grilled chicken. And if I’m traveling if I need some more carbs if I need energy, then maybe some mashed potatoes and some salted vegetables on the side. Yeah. And for dinner,” Nitin Mukesh fitness routine”

Generally, my dinner is the lightest mean, I like eating very light dinner. So it might be like a nice team fish with some sauteed veggies on the side. Yeah, that’s just

Maintaining at least a minimum of 6-7 hours of good sleep

Considering the fact that for the last four days, I haven’t slept at all. I also mean by you know completely deep sleep. But that is a rarity in my case for the last one and a half years ever since my daughter was born. And so since then, it’s a little difficult because she wakes up at night. I generally like to break up when I’m training.

Right now I’m not currently training as heavy. So when I do start training, and when I’m on my cut down of fat percentage, then I like to break my meals up not into three means but then into six meals in a day. And then of course my cardio routine starts at about nine o’clock in the morning to about 11 o’clock. So I trained for two hours in the morning and then I trained for about another two hours in the evening which was so that’s why I like to spread my meals through if you want to check “Nitin Mukesh fitness routine”

Daily Routine during coronavirus

I but again, my breakfast is a staple, my lunch becomes heavier, my other meals then start becoming smaller. So between lunch and my morning breakfast, I have another meal at about 12 o’clock. So that takes me through the evening session of workout which is very I love fruits. I think foods are the best form of you know, sugars, energy, carbohydrates. Yes, I love fruits. I have one fruit but I don’t like mixing too many fruits. So when there are enough fruit salads and stuff I don’t do that. I stick to one fruit today. So and only one fruit in the morning that said no fruit in the evening. No fruits at night.

Well if you ask I love food so in general I mean whether it’s strawberries or whether it’s oranges, whether it’s Popeye, papaya, pineapple, mango, seasonal fruits, kiwi, I love foods. So I can have simple plain without any salt fish. Also, I can just have plain steamed fish, maybe some soya sauce, or maybe some kind of sauce.

The best seafood for me is fish

That’s just the best seafood for me is fish. I also like I used to love prawns. This crab again, I love crab. You know, crab is a very interesting need. But the only issue with crab is that it takes a lot of time to you know, kind of miss out from the field.

I’m not a very raw vegetable kind of guy. So if it’s not already done, then I instantly rejected my ballot my system doesn’t accept amongst them the which was that I really like broccoli, spring beans, capsicum bell peppers, a mix of you know, some maybe olives. I just I mean, it all comes down to but yeah, we just mixed and tossed with a couple of sauces would make a nice I really like baby corn a lot. So baby corn is really nice. Some fruit carrots. I love carrots.

The nutrients aren’t sacrificed!!!

Some vegetables that are like raw, like maybe capsicum For example, I have like capsicum raw, then maybe carrot also or raw carrot with a nice dip is very interesting. I think of key I only think of that one film called hog Milcom hog. I remember that scene where he just drinks it all down. It looks damn tasty looks really yummy. I like it but not too fond of the greasy,”Nitin Mukesh fitness routine”

The best form to carry food just make a nice chappati roti and put some nice vegetables make a nice homemade Frankie anything and go otherwise I award cheat days is only going to be cheese platters with some Doritos, maybe a bowl of Nutella and chocolates, some french fries, a McDonald’s burger. That’s only for lunch. Then of course when I’m going to indulge in my cheat day then it’s going to be like a nice pizza from Trattoria my mouth watering. I love desserts.

I’ve been passionate about since I was a child

I think he’s one of the finest when it comes to you know, desserts. his presentation. Plus the taste is perfect. I like a good looking dessert. I mean, you want to really want to eat a nice good looking dessert, and then it will taste also really well. That’s important stuff as well. I like the Italian a lot. So, I mean, you might catch me a lot with maybe a risotto. Maybe a nice pasta with a good salad and maybe some grilled chicken,”Nitin Mukesh fitness routine”

Occasionally I like indulging in some Italian food you know so Italian and Mexican both are something I really enjoy. So whenever I get the chance a pizza is with some risotto and nice cheese. I’ve been surviving on it for the last couple of days I will not lie because our trail in Bombay city is so hectic. We’ve been just hopping around so it’s best to get yourself not one of the really greasy burgers but a healthy role.

I’m not being able to work out and sleep properly

So yeah, I mean I will not lie but like I said I am very conscious of my diet and once in a while is fine Otherwise, it kind of makes me very guilty and I feel terrible about myself, especially on the days that I’m not being able to work out and sleep properly. Then I feel like oh my god, what am I doing to my system and I can feel it inside you know that I’m just corrupting my system. Right now I feel extremely corrupt. So my wife is an expert with online food ordering and so is my younger brother, “Nitin Mukesh fitness routine”.

And they are constantly on some app or the other on the phone on the laptops on the tablets. And I can just see they, they love scrolling through. So what happened was a while back I found it very funny. As to why do they like shopping online for food so much?

I’m not too much of a Chinese guy

the variety that’s there on that on their fingertip. I’m not too much of a Chinese guy. But my family loves God and the food at Golden Dragon and Taj is spectacular. Again most spicy Dodson knows that guys just happen to have

Yeah, when I’m shooting I’m very conscious of my diet. Because then I want to make sure that the system is clean and energetic enough sometimes what happens is happy food makes you feel very lethargic. During the shoot, I like being very light and very clean from a conscious, and plus, I have my team who takes a lot of care of me right. And while I’m with them, so in that sense of course,

during the shoot my routine becomes fake. So it’d be restricted to what I told you about my earlier diet of steamed fish, boiled vegetables, and or some sauteed veggies, maybe some nice mashed potato if at all the energies are required,”Nitin Mukesh fitness routine”

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