Why Stress it happen and how can we manage it?

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Why Stress it happen and how can we manage it?
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Due to today’s modern and runaway lifestyle, there is hardly any area in human life where he does not have to face problems. Tension is a mental condition caused by various problems in life. As the age of man increases, his requirements also start to increase and when these requirements are not fulfilled, it is common to have stress. Being constantly stressed has a very negative effect on a person’s physical and mental health, so it becomes important for all of us to understand the true meaning of tension and its management.

The meaning of stress

Stress is the physical and mental response to life events that make a person feel insecure. A person’s homeostatic balance deteriorates due to constant stress. Due to this imbalance, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, the expulsion of wastes, and respiratory rate become irregular. tension-generating factors are called ‘strangers’.

Types of Stress

During our daily lives, we face various stress-generating situations. However, many of these situations are very simple and minor. For example, when we feel thirsty during some work, we leave that work and drink water. We easily deal with such small needs. That is why we are not physically or mentally disturbed. This type of stress is usually caused by physical stressors. Such as food, disease, injury, exercise, etc. Apart from this, many stressors are cognitive in nature, such as – death or divorce of a spouse, loss of business or social exclusion, etc. There are different types of knowledge stressors. Nowadays these types of stressors affect our lives to a great extent, such stressors are the main cause of stress, and dealing with them is a challenge in itself.

Effects of Stressors

The effect of stress also depends on the intensity/intensity of the stress-causing factors. Serious health problems can occur if the effects of stress-causing factors are adverse. Such as- Headache, eating disorders, allergies, sleepiness, back pain, colds, tiredness, increased blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, etc. The state of stress prepares the body to perform defensive actions by producing brain hormones. But when people are unable to cope with the stress situation, then hormones are not used. Due to which the pyre starts becoming dizzy and the heart rate increases. Due to being constantly stressed, the immunity power of a person’s body also decreases. Stress can also have positive effects, such as – due to positive stress, even seemingly impossible tasks are possible.

According to experts

Normal stress is very important and necessary for our life. Stress causes the release of hormones called cortisone and adrenaline. Due to which we become more active and our senses become more focused. In such a situation, our body also gets ready to work with increased capabilities. This signal is good for players at a good level. In this situation, a player can raise his performance level to the record level.

Stress Management Techniques

The following techniques can prove beneficial for stress management.

(A) Participation in physical activities:

Engaging oneself in various creative physical activities in stressful situations of Tension management. Is the most effective solution. By doing various physical activities such as walking, cycling, gardening, aerobic exercise, a person’s attention is diverted from Tension-causing causes and his physical confirmation is also increased. It has been proved by various studies that a healthy person is less likely to be stressed.

(b) Increase self-confidence:

A stressed person should try to build confidence in themselves. Only a confident person can overcome many problems in life.

(c) Relaxation:

Physical and mental relaxation methods, such as deep breathing, massaging, laughing openly, doing yoga and pranayama and meditating, etc. are an effective way to reduce stress to a great extent.

(d) Develop a hobby:

Tension can be reduced by taking interest in any creative work, such as gardening, watching TV, swimming, listening to music or cooking new dishes, etc.

(e) Cool and confident:

The situation can be better dealt with by remaining calm and firm in a state of stress.

(d) Avoid causes that cause stress):

A stressed person should avoid situations, individuals, and issues that cause him to feel stressed.

(G) Take sufficient sleep. :

Just as food and water are necessary for life, it is also necessary to get enough sleep. Due to not taking enough nondairy, a person’s concentration power is decreased due to which he/she is affected by efficiency.

(H) Avoid negative thoughts (Avcid Negative thoughts):

Many times people are anxious without any reason. By thinking about past things in life, they form negative thinking about their future life, due to which they are often worried. Has occurred. Therefore, instead of negative thoughts, one should develop positive thinking towards their future life.

(I) Take a deep breath:

Taking a deep breath in a state of stress proves beneficial. Deep breathing is beneficial for the brain and Excess of various body parts Oxygen is replenished. Due to which the person gets more energy.

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