Why Indian Navy Day is celebrated on December 4

Why Indian Navy Day is celebrated on December 4
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Indian Navy Day is celebrated: Indian Navy is one of the finest Navy across the globe in the bitter December of 1974. Indian Navy attempted something which other navies across the globe just trim off the only other Navy which attempted our mission similar to that was Imperial Japan Navy at Pearl Harbor.

The Complete Story About Why on December 4

When war broke out between India and Pakistan, India in 1971, the east and west Pakistan was separated by the Indian mainland and the Indian Ocean during the same war, the Indian Navy played a decisive role which changed the course of the war. With the flight restriction in place. The only way by which West Pakistan could reach East was the Indian Ocean and that’s where the Indian Navy played a pivotal role. Pakistan was dependent on the Indian Ocean for transportation the entire commerce logistics weapon transportation and oil and natural gas.

The attack started with Bhutan code

Amritsar followed by a Bala Ardra sir, just dirt poor and Jamnagar. These attacks were done in three different waves and the third wave affected the maximum damage from Indian athletes. The aircraft which participated in these campaigns were 15 Canberra v 57. For Lockheed Martin t 33. Shooting Star and one c 130

The ship is chosen for that tack for the OSA m class boats these were the small yet fast missile boats acquired from the Soviet Union through these boats did not have the range it was decided to tow these boats towards Karachi and from there on they’ll get inside Pakistani waters and wreck Carnage on Karachi harbor shift chosen for the mission word ins snippet ins niqab ins feet each armed with four Soviet-made SSN to be sticks surface to surface missiles with a range of 40 nautical miles,

which is approximately 74 kilometers to another class anti-submarine Corvettes and Skelton and hyenas caught on the fleet was also accompanied with a fleet tanker I in a sport shark The group was under the command of commander Bob robin Jada the commanding officer of 25th missile bought Squadron which was later called us the killer Squadron in the year 1964.

The Soviet Union offered OSA class missiles

Compact machine the Indian naval headquarters in New Delhi along with the Western Naval Command plan to attack the port of Karachi, a Strike Group under Western Naval Command was formed. For this measure.

Stryker was to be based around three basic class missile boats that were already deployed off the coast of Africa.

Planned to attack the Karachi harbor

It was planned to attack the Karachi harbor between dusk and dawn at 10:30 pm. Pakistan standard time the Indian Strike Group moved 180 nautical miles from its position towards the south of Karachi. Soon Pakistani targets identified us warship was detected 70 nautical miles to the northwest and the Northeast, often in ship ins and the car kept moving in northwest direction and fired it’s first taken aside at DNS Gaillard, a Pakistani battle class destroyer Kai but assume it was a missile from Indian aircraft and engaged with the anti-aircraft system the missile hit the right side of the ship exploding below the galley in the electrician’s mess. This led to an explosion in the first boiler and subsequently, the ship lost propulsion and was flooded with smoke.

observing that the ship was still afloat is now caught fire to the second stick Messiah hitting cover in the second boiler room on the starboard side and eventually sinking the ship this catch 22 sailors on board TNS scabbard. Pakistanis kept thinking that it was an Indian Air Force attack that has sunk the ship DNS Mojave has an agenda class Minesweeper was targeted by eyes v. The P ns mo Hafez was destroyed in seconds it could not even send a distress signal.

This attack killed 33 sailors on board PNS Mojave

After verifying two targets in an area northwest of Karachi at 11 pm Pakistan standard time I just snipped Part Two stick Messiah one each cargo vessel MV Venus Challenger and it’s a Scott DNS Shahjahan. A-C class destroyer the Venus challenger was carrying ammunition for Pakistani forces. It immediately exploded after the missile was hit and eventually sank 23 nautical miles south of Karachi the other side which targets Sharjah damaged the ship very badly Meanwhile, is snippet continued towards Karachi and target the Kumari oil storage tank placing itself 40 nautical miles south of Karachi harbor it fired two missiles, one of which was was fired but the other one hit the oil tanker which burned and destroyed the harbor completely, which eventually caused Pakistani a fuel shortage destroying the Karachi harbor completely. The radio silence was broken with the code Ongar, which means the mission was accomplished.

Pakistani radio has put up a message that an Indian vessel

Achieving much more than what ship was sent out to it was time to get back home. But while returning is read an ins snippet developed engine snags as the speeds were reduced. And meanwhile, has been engaged amid confusion and tension is delivered returns home with a heroic entry on the night of seventh December. With no casualties on Indian sight, this operation was considered to be one of the most successful operations in modern naval history post World War Two to mark this victory Indian Navy Day is celebrated on four December annually. One thing is for sure with such a Navy, the coastal area and the maritime interests of India will always be protected and this will help India become a superpower one day What do you think about this? Do let us know in the comment section.

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