The best way to stay healthy by Sadhguru

The best way to stay healthy by Sadhguru

best way to stay healthy by Sadhguru: So a wonderful lesson for me, and I know everybody in the audit beautiful auditorium here. And the thousands of people who are watching live on the internet, they all want to know, is there is a prescription for good health, spirituality. No doctor has no medical dictionary or directs that he could ever be detected. So is there something else to stay well added in the book that a beautifully wrote in a biography?

you want to stay healthy, right?

The whole has the same question on your health, And all everybody who is looking at us today, they want to have a doctor, he never asked this question. I want their business, but I want them to stay well, “the best way to stay healthy by Sadhguru”.

The thing is, we created this body from inside. So the manufacturer of this body is inside.

If you had access, if you had access, you would like to go to the manufacturer. If you lost access, you will go to the local thinker to do this and that if there was no medical science as it is, I would say even half the people would be dead by now, here in this audience. Yes. Because the average life expectancy of an Indian in 1947 was 28 years. Today, it has risen to 64. One important factor is medical science way this so I’m not trying to belittle or make fun of Medical Sciences, it is very significant. What has been achieved in the last 30 to 40 years is phenomenal, “the best way to stay healthy by Sadhguru”.

There are two kinds of infectious

Now, chronic, infectious ailments happen to us, because of an external invasion from an organism, you must go to the doctor, don’t try to meditate on it. I’m saying self-created because it happened from within you. So what is happening from within you can be very easily fixed from within you. What comes to you from outside, you need outside help for that. So you have to fight an organism, then you need medicine. Why would your body work against you?

Why would it turn against you? Because somewhere you’re not keeping it happy? To put it in a very simple language. Why would your own family turn against you somewhere they’re not happy with you, isn’t it? So they’re not happy with you with something that you’re doing. So similarly, some cells in the body, some parts of your body are not happy with you for some reason, you must pay a little more attention, “the best way to stay healthy by Sadhguru”.

What is miracle ease?

There is a way a systematic way of paying attention to this one. So this is not a miracle. I want people to understand this is not a miracle. Suppose you did not know what is electricity. I came here and I just pressed that part of the wall and the lights to come on. Who do you think I am? Suppose you know 1000 years ago if I had a cell phone I could just pull out the cell phone and talk to somebody in America. You would think I’m God. So what is A miracle is that which you do not understand that which is not fitting into your and your logical perception seems miraculous to you.

As your logic evolves, so many things which were miracles hundred years ago, or normal things in our day to day life today, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? So this is something that we need to pay attention

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