Sidharth Malhotra fitness routine during covid-19

Sidharth Malhotra fitness routine during covid-19

Sidharth Malhotra fitness routine: I love seafood, Even veggie will be broccoli ghee love ghee I don’t have fruits every day I’ve dried fruits everyday humble nothing halwa puri or college.

Tips and tricks to maintain body

boiled eggs and sweet potato when I was shooting from Argentina to get my protein and carbs energy for the day and lunch would be you know chicken breasts with a lot of green veggies spinach. And depending on how much energy I need maybe boiled potatoes and dinner would be just grilled fish. How many hours it really gives No two days are the same for me. So it keeps changing from six hours to say eight hours. So it’s good to keep the body light.

I don’t have fruits every day I’ve dried fruits every day but not fresh fruits again, depending on how much energy I need for the day. And what I eat for breakfast favorite fruit would be a banana.

Try bullet coffee which is black coffee

Favorite veggie would be broccoli no I love it two minutes steamed or slightly cooked I think it’s also easy to digest. Ki love I love tea I have a bullet coffee which is black coffee with a teaspoon of Guinness. I’m not addicted to either of them. I’m not. I don’t drink at two drinks. That much or not your coffee depends on my mood if I need energy, sometimes pre-workout I would take up black coffee with some good luck that’s the only kind of roti that

I like with different grains in it with some ghee on top and subzi I think fitness for me is all about just making the right choices. You know today you have such great options and you just have to choose wisely. cheat days would be various things you know what I recently did for my cheat day was Amara Northmet Conchita butea to fujimi hombre de halwa, puri or college which is a very interesting combo of sweet and sour so I was craving for that and know my cheat day I told my cook at home to make me that halwa puri and college, “Sidharth Malhotra fitness routine”.

Try to Avoid Drinks

desert Indian I mean a jalebi I think is a weakness and something to do with chocolate and dark chocolate is a weakness. I’m not a drinker. I’m an occasional drinker maybe New Year’s or my birthday just to you know have fun with all my friends. My favorite dish would be a simple one that I grew up on the beach and Mutton Biryani I think it’s always you know there when I go back to Delhi I keep telling my mom to make one or even right now when you when I go outside, would be sushi.

Avoid Fast Food during covid-19 situation

So yeah, I think I for me, it’s all about mixing it up and depending on my mood and knowing what suits my body. I eat healthy versions of them like I’ve had. I’ve had pizza I have pizzas made of different flour, not wheat, not processed wheat. I’ve had burgers which are vegan and made of gluten-free bread. So again, it’s all about making choices but not I don’t have fast food. I never stayed, “Sidharth Malhotra fitness routine”.

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