Postures: Meaning, Concepts, Advantage, Causes of bad

Postures: Meaning, Concepts, Advantage, Causes of bad

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Posture, Meaning of Correct Postures Meaning of Good or proper posture refers to the proper/good posture, right and proper physical balance of a person’s body. A good physical posture is one by which all the organs of the body can function properly and all the parts of the body are completely free from tension in the state of relaxation or relaxation. Therefore, we can say that proper posture is such a state of the body, which does not require any special effort to maintain, and in such a state, tiredness is also very less. Somebody has rightly said that the first effect of a person depends on the way he stands and gets up and down. Every person performs various physical activities such as standing, sitting, walking, writing, reading, lying down, etc. during their daily routine. If the balance of the body of the person is not proper while doing these types of tasks, it reduces the efficiency of the person and he gets tired quickly. Such as-

A person standing can be said to be fixed in a good posture, when the weight of his body is equal on both his legs and he does not have to make any special effort in doing so. With this, his body should also appear in a straight line. Due to proper posture, all the organs of a person perform their work efficiently. Asanas vary according to work.

Concept or Correct Posture

Gravitational Force has a constant effect on the body of every person. Due to this effect, a person cannot remain in the same body posture for a long time. For example, it is due to this gravitational force that the movement changes every little while sleeping. To maintain proper posture, a person must act against the force of gravity at all times. If the person lacks strength and endurance in the muscles, then he is not able to do the required work contrary to the power of gravity, due to which many negative changes start to occur in his body. For example, due to the weak muscles of the back, the body starts leaning forward. And gradually this problem takes the form of hunchback. Although there is no fixed physical size or level for a proper posture, yet it can be said that a proper/good posture depends on the physical set of the person. To make proper posture, if a person takes into account the following characteristics, then there is less pressure on different parts of the body and the person can remain balanced even more.

1. Correct Posture of Standing

To stand in the proper posture, the legs of both legs should be such that the distance between the two legs should be 3 to 4 inches. At such a time, the body should be the taut knee, the mare should be on the side, the chest outward, the stomach inwards, and the load on both legs. The gravity line must pass through the head, one of the rod, and Sodhi from the ankles. In this situation, the whole body should be balanced. Standing in such a situation does not put pressure on the muscles.

2. Correct Posture of Seating

2. Correct Posture of Seating While sitting in proper posture on a chair, the buttocks should be adjacent to the back of the chair. The head, the bone should be in a straight line, the Hatti, the buttocks, and the buttocks. The feet should remain on the ground rather than hanging and the thighs should remain in the tailed state. If you have to sit in the proper posture for reading and writing, in addition to all the above situations, for reading or writing, the inclination of the mate or desk should be forward so that the student does not have to bend his head. The book should be at a reasonable distance from the eye so that the student does not have to put too much emphasis on the eyes to penetrate. In such a situation, there is less pressure on the bones and muscles of the student. Because of which those less tired.

Advantage of Correct Postures

By proper posture, a person improves work efficiency and ability. It also enhances the personality of the person. The importance of a good and balanced posture is as follows:

(a) For good physical appearance

We all know that good physical appearance has a profound effect on others. The physical appearance of a person depends to a large extent on his posture. If proper rugs are used since childhood, then the physical appearance of the person gets better with age.

(b) For physical fitness:

To lead a happy and happy life, a person needs to be physically strong, and this physical confirmation can be obtained when the person’s posture is balanced. Proper physical balance is also an integral part of physical affirmation in the form of flexibility and harmony. A person can attain these abilities only when his posture is balanced.

(c) For efficiency of movements:

All our daily activities involve many types of physical activities, such as walking, bending, getting up, etc. All these physical activities depend on the efficiency of the movements. Due to the skill in motion, a person can complete his work with more efficiency without feeling tired. Efficiency in physical movements is possible only due to a balanced posture.

(d) Important for health:

All the institutions of our bodywork efficiently due to good posture. Due to the functioning of all the institutions of the body, the chances of a person getting diseased are greatly reduced. Due to proper posture, one can get relief from back pain, headache, and many problems of the bones of the bone.

(e) For social status:

People with balanced posture are less diseased than others, due to which they do not have to spend extra on doctors and medicines. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that a well-balanced posture also has great economic importance.

(d) Economic importance:

A person with a well-balanced posture can stand up in a society with more confidence. He attains greater social prestige by participating in various social functions without hesitation. Whereas those people who are not balanced find a bit strange, and such people feel hesitant to have a gap between people. Because of which they fall prey to an inferiority complex.

(g) For prevention from diseases:

Due to proper posture, all the institutions of the bodywork smoothly, while improper rugs affect the efficiency and efficiency of the institutions of the body, due to which the person One has to face the problem of constipation, diarrhea, gas, high blood pressure, irritability, and tiredness, etc. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that by a good/balanced posture a person can avoid many types of physical disorders.

(h) For a healthy state of mind:

A good posture increases a person’s sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. Whereas a person with inappropriate posture is often frustrated, sad, anxious, and stressed due to an inferiority complex. As a result, there is a change in his mental growth towards life.

(i) Lessens fatigue:

Due to good posture, all the institutions of a person’s body do their work efficiently. This makes the person feel less tired due to less pressure on the muscles and joints.

(j) Improves speaking ability:

Improper posture causes more pressure on the diaphragm due to which a person cannot speak clearly. At the same time, proper posture gives more freedom to the diaphragm, which increases a person’s ability to speak.

Causes of Bad Postures

1. Acquired disease or due to an accident.

2. Congenital or genetic causes

The following are the major causes of improper posture

1. Injury:

Due to injury many times any bone, fiber, or muscle is damaged or weakened which plays an important role in maintaining the balance of the body. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to maintain the proper posture of the body. Sometimes, even after the injury is cured, the wrong posture formed during the injured state becomes a habit and the defect remains for a long time.

2. Disease:

In many people, one of the main causes of improper posture is any disease that makes the muscles and bones weak. Such as polis and drought. Due to these diseases, the cells of the spinal cord are destroyed or weakened and the bones also become weak and take a malformed form. In such a situation, the balance of the body begins to deteriorate and postural distortions arise.

 3. Habits:

Asanas often adopted during a person’s rise – sitting, walking, and working – gradually take the form of a habit. Whether the posture is right or wrong. For example, if a person is always on the move It gradually becomes his habit when he tilts his head and his head forward. Due to which the body assumes a wrong posture. Similarly, if a person continuously lifts a heavyweight from one side then it also the Wrong posture causes.

4. Heredity:

Heredity is also a major cause of inappropriate posture. Such as- If your children suffer from a basis or other bone disorders or weakness This also, due to these genetic defects, the probability of wrong or improper posture is much more.

5. Improper clothing:

The clothes and shoes were worn by a person also affect his posture to a great extent. For example, the person feels very uncomfortable by wearing tight and tight clothes or heels. To hide their discomfort, they often take improper postures, which causes their body’s center of gravity to change. This affects a person’s posture negatively. For this reason, improper posture is most likely to occur in women wearing high hole or low vest jeans.

6. Improper diet of malnourishment:

Unbalanced diet and malnutrition is also the main reason for improper posture. Due to an unbalanced diet or malnutrition, there is a deficiency of vitamins and mineral salts in the body. Due to this deficiency, a person succumbs to many bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis, rickets, etc. These diseases directly affect posture. Due to which defects are created in it.

7. Overload:

Regular carrying burden on the back and shoulders leads to deformity in the shape of the spinal cord and the leg. Due to this, the person suffers from the problem of kyphosis or scoliosis. This is the reason that the problem of improper posture is found in the students carrying heavy school bags on their shoulders.

8. Lack of exercise:

By exercising regularly, the spinal cord and abdominal organs become strong and shapely. Apart from this, exercise also increases the flexibility and synergy of the body. The reduction in the flexibility of the elasticity of the body has a direct effect on our posture, which later becomes visible as physical deformities.

9. Lack of awareness:

It has often been seen that in most people, proper posture is not aware of the information and its importance. In such a situation, people keep defective and wrong posture continuously, which gradually becomes their permanent habit and lifestyle.

10. Obesity:

Obesity or excessive body weight puts unnecessary stress and pressure on the muscles and bone body of the body. As a result of this, asana starts distorting.

11. Poverty:

Poverty means a lack of essential and basic facilities due to financial constraints is also an important reason for improper posture.

12. Occupation:

There are also many occupations in which a person has to work for a long time by remaining unbalanced and inappropriate. For example, one has to sit or stand continuously. Due to this, physical deformities also start.

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