Motivation: The Scientific Guide on How to Get and Stay

Motivation: The Scientific Guide on How to Get and Stay

In This Article, You get a Complete Guide on Motivation So Let’s Get Started…

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Motivation is a type of power that motivates a person to initiate, carry out, and achieve success. The word inspiration has originated from the word ‘motivator’. The word motivator refers to a combination of an idea, Feeling, and condition that results when a person acts. The duration of the motivator may be more or less. For example, when a child is attracted to another toy while playing with a toy, then we say that his motivator was less for the earlier toy. But if a player wants to win a medal at the international level and he works hard for it for many years. Then we say that his motivator is for a long period. The meaning of motivation can be understood more thoroughly by the following definitions.

Famous Motivation Definitions

“Motivation is an inner motivation that leads to a specific goal.” – Singer 

“Motivation is the internal and psychological condition of the creature that forces him to perform a particular task.” -MacDougal “

A state that energizes and directs our actions is called motivation. “-Rux and Stein “

Motivation is the relation of a person to that state. From which pulls its behavior towards a goal – Morgan and King 

Based on the above definitions, the term motivation can also be defined as-” Motivation is one such Shakti is what motivates a person to perform actions for a particular purpose. “Mostly, it is seen that when motivated, a person is ready to behave in a certain direction.

Types of Motivation

Motivation is mainly of two types

(a) Intrinsic motivation:

Internal That is, from within, when the motivation to do an action comes from inside the person, it is called inner motivation. In other words, when a person does an act with pleasure or desire, it is said that Because of his inner motivation

He is working To become more proficient in a sport/work by a person, to be engaged for performing his best, or to gain social acceptance. An example of internal motivation.

(b) Extrinsic motivation:

Extrinsic motivation: External means, when the motor power to act is derived from external factors, then it is called external motivation. Awards, accolades. A high place in society, fear of punishment, or slander are examples of external motivation. However, these examples of external motivation have different effects on each person.

Techniques of Motivation

(a) Goal setting:

one must first set a goal. Because a man’s life without aiming becomes goalless. These goals should be a little difficult but possible to achieve them. The most important thing is that the goals should be tailored to the person’s abilities. While trying to achieve your goal, you should keep achieving small goals to keep track of your progress. For example, if a player wants to win a medal at the international level, then he has to perform the best in national level competitions to check his progress while accomplishing this objective.

(b) Arrangement of competition on a grade scale:

If the competition is organized grandly and brilliantly, the player gets the motivation for better performance.

(c) Presence of the opposite sex:

Every person tries to be smart and active in front of their opposite sex. This is the innate tendency of man. Therefore the presence of the opposite sex during competitions also motivates the players to perform well.

(d) Spectators:

A large number of spectators during the competition also plays an important role in motivating the players to perform well.

(e) Verbal comments:

Often new and inexperienced players get excited due to verbal comments during competition. However, it does not matter much too experienced players.

(f) Healthy sports environment:

If during competition and training, players get a healthy sports environment like – good weather, clean and clean sports ground, pollution-free environment, reasonable temperature, good quality sports equipment, and other facilities available. If made, the player will surely be able to practice and perform well after being motivated by them.

(g) Knowledge of results and progress:

The players should be kept informed about their condition and progress from time to time. He should have full knowledge of whether he will be able to achieve the goal he is moving towards. If the player is r. Growing in the right direction, his good progress definitely inspires him further.

(h) Praise or blame:

If a player is not praised or condemned at the right time and more than necessary, it also motivates him. However, this method of motivation affects new and inexperienced players more.

After studying the personality of many individuals, psychologists have divided personality into four types

(i) Award:

The award, whether it is cash or a trophy or medal, definitely motivates the players to perform better. Often governments try to motivate players and other similar players to perform well by giving them cash prizes or government jobs and other facilities to the players who perform internationally.

(j) Motivational music:

If any inspirational music, such as the national anthem is played at the venue before the competition, it definitely inspires the players.

(k) Positive attitude:

The strong will power of the player and positive attitude like – ‘I can do it’ also motivates the players. For this, they should be made aware that a champion is a human being just like him, he can also become a champion like him.

“If your body remains healthy then it is easy for us to get inspiration” A balance diet is required to keep the body healthy.

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