Milind Soman diet plan: reveals his Golden diet plan

Milind Soman diet plan: reveals his Golden diet plan
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Milind Soman diet plan: I’ll be revealing what I eat in a day. I can’t. Okay, so generally, my very simple food I’ve had this habit since I was a child because I was in competitive sports. So I was very conscious about eating food that was good for me, it was good for my performance. And so nothing much has changed over the years, I still eat food that is good for me. And when one talks about healthy food, there are a lot of myths, there’s a lot of information.

The meaning of healthy food is food

the meaning of healthy food is food that you can digest easily. And when I’m saying food is the whole food, not refined food, not really. I have fruits every morning, whatever is available. And sometimes I know the fruits are not seasonal, and they’re not even local, but whatever I can find, I eat it. And throughout the day, again, I try to eat as natural and as whole as possible. So breakfast fruit, I eat the whole papaya or maybe two if the small.

I try to stay away from things that are heavy to digest

I use a lot of bananas. Then I eat if I’m still hungry, then I eat some cereal. I eat some muesli or dry foods and stuff like that. For lunch, I usually have Darland rice vegetables, dinner is the same. And which is like non-vegetarian food. For example, I have my last meal, which is dinner at about 730 in the evening. I’m definitely not a night owl. I used to be when I was in my early 20s.

But I think by the time I was 30, I stopped going out at night and I wanted to get my sleep. And today is the same I really like to get as much sleep as I can. I still feel like don’t get enough sleep. And sleep is really, really important. So I wake up generally at about 530 or six o’clock in the morning. Not because I have to run or anything like that. I like to wake up at that time. And I sleep generally by about 1030 or 11. So I managed to get about six and a half to seven hours of sleep. But I would like to get more my favorite cuisine is Maharashtrian and but I also like Bengali food I like Assamese food, I like Japanese food very much.

Actually, I like to eat everything so as long as it’s prepared well the way it’s supposed to be prepared. I love to eat anytime, anytime, anything. So to me, like I said there’s nothing particular that I eat I focus more on Whole Foods, raw food, natural food, local food, seasonal foods, so less processed, less packaged, and less refined.

These are the three things that guide me when I’m eating anything.

I don’t have any restrictions I don’t need to cheat. Um, well, when I live by these three things so unrefined when I say unrefined. And so you talk about one element of food which is very common, which is sugar. So when we are talking about unrefined sugar, what is an unrefined sugar, so sugar comes from sugarcane or from Palm trees, whatever, you take it as close to the source as possible. So we know jaggery refined sugar doesn’t have any nutrition at all. It has no minerals, no vitamins, nothing is just sweet. But jaggery has a lot of it. And that is extremely nutritious.

I love to run exercise apart from running

So if I want something sweet, I don’t eat refined sugar, I jaggery. So that is an example where my best form of exercise, which I enjoy, and it’s really important to do things that you enjoy, otherwise you can’t sustain it. I do about three minutes every day. And that’s enough for me. I have never been to the gym in my life gym has never been the kind of habit I don’t like gyms I don’t like indoor spaces I like outdoors. And the exercise that I do for three minutes is a one minute plank, minute push-ups as many pushups as I can do. And the third minute is as many burpees as I can do. So when I do that it really keeps my cause strong. It keeps me flexible.

It keeps me It keeps me energized. So that’s all I need to do every day. also you can follow my diet if you are interested in Milind Soman diet plan” Well, I think the new thing about this show about supermodel is actually the objective of the show when we’re talking about breaking a lot of myths on what beauty has been all this while and one of the things is tall and skinny. You know, there’s a lot of talk about how models want to be tall and skinny and they do so many things just because they want to be skinny. We want to move away from that we want to say that it’s not about your weight or your shape or your hair or your nose or your lips.

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