Advantages and Disadvantages of Weight Training

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Meaning of Weight Training We all know that strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and synergy are the major components of physical ability. Of these, power is a very important component. Strength is the force exerted by a muscle against resistance, that is, the ability of a muscle to act against a resistance. With all the exercises and movements, our muscles are working against some resistance weight. In order to increase the strength of the muscles, when the muscles are trained to work against excess weight, this method is called lifting weights. Simply put, such a method of training in which exercises are done with the aim of increasing physical capacity and endurance is called lifting weights. The main purpose is to increase muscle strength and endurance.

This training increases the thickness of the muscles, due to which the strength of the muscles also increases. It is necessary to increase the different types of power (maximum and explosive power etc.)

Speed Related Abilities

and speed-related abilities used in w8 training games. Therefore all players adopt w8 training programs to increase muscle strength. In w8 training, to increase the muscles of the body, the weight should be increased gradually,  the weight should not be increased until the adaptation is done.

It has been clear from various research that weight training can increase the strength of adolescent muscles. Therefore, weight training can be started from the age of 12, but weight training should be done only under the supervision of an experienced trainer, otherwise trying to lift more and more weight increases the risk of injury.

Advantages of Weight Training:

The following benefits are

(a) Improves physical shape:

By the regular and correct method, weight training improves a person’s physical shape. . For example – the fat person can become thin and lean – a thin person’s weight may increase. A person who is weak and powerful can become more powerful.

(b) Enhances physical fitness:

By regular weight training, a person increases physical capacity, so that all the parts of his bodywork smoothly.

Performance Efficiency

(c) Improves athletic performance of players:

Due to the weight training program, players, such as – runners, throwers, jumpers, wrestlers. Performance efficiency of boxers and football, basketball players improve.

(d) Improves strength. speed and endurance:

lifting weights program under the right guidance of trained coaches and skilled physical trainers lead to tremendous improvement in the strength, speed, and endurance of the players.

(e) Lessens the chances of bone disease weight training increases the density of bones, due to which the chances of osteoporosis in individuals decreases. 10 Reduces stress and tension lifting weights is also helpful in reducing depression and stress. In fact, it acts as a valve for depression and stress.

Disadvantages of Weight Training

(a) If training is not done without any guidance or correct method, then the muscles or joints can suffer loss.

(b) There is a risk of injury due to exercise without any partner.

(c) If flexibility is not exercised in addition to lifting weights as well as flexibility,

(d) The same training program may affect the joints for a long time.

“it’s very important to have body health to do lifting weights”

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