Food Myths You Still Think Are True in 2020

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Food Myths You Still Think Are True in 2020
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Such pompous information, which has no scientific basis, about the number of foods, the duration, and method of their intake, and their effects on the body, is called food myths.

Even in today’s scientific era, there is a lot of threat in every country and society about some food or food which has been made for centuries. Today, despite having scientific knowledge, most people easily believe in various paramedics related to food. Following is the description of some such Khag myths.

Various Food Myths

(a) Drinking while eating makes you fat

With this, various enzymes and digestive juices digesting food become dilute due to which the digestion process slows down. This causes excess body fat to be collected. While various research shows that drinking water while eating food improves digestion.

(b) Don’t drink milk after eating fish:

This concept is common among people. Drinking milk immediately after eating fish can cause white spots on the body. While various research shows that drinking milk immediately after eating fish is not a problem.

(c) Starve yourself to lose weight:

It is believed that not eating food reduces weight while the reality is that. Lack of food reduces physical fatigue and functioning. To lose weight, food should include such things that increase the rate of digestion so that people do not eat too much.

(d) More hungry after exercise

(Exercise makes you feel hungry). It is believed that a person increases appetite due to spending more calories during exercise. While no truth was found in this Kachan in studies.

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(e) Consumption of rice and potatoes increases obesity:

Many people believe that due to the high amount of carbohydrates in rice and potatoes, their intake increases physical weight. In fact, both these foods are good sources of energy, and eating those limited amounts does not increase the physical weight. Food Myths

(f) Eggs increase cholesterol levels:

Many people believe that eating eggs increases cholesterol, which can cause heart problems. In fact, eggs are a good source of various nutritional elements like protein, vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium, and phosphorus. Eating one egg daily fulfills the daily requirement of cholesterol.

(g) Consumption of fat-free

foods reduce weight (Fat-free products helps in losing weight): Consumption of foods labeled ‘fat-free’ or ‘sugar-free’ is more likely to increase weight. Because such a meal usually has the same or slightly fewer calories than a regular meal. Most people eat relatively high amounts of such substances in the confusion of low calories, which increases their weight.

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