Coronavirus in today’s life, How are we fighting each other?

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Coronavirus in today’s life: Everyone was started everyone was very worried but it happened that in today’s time no one follows the rule in Inda. first of all, let me tell you the status of today the New cases at the time of 6th Nov. 2020 is 47,638, and today’s death is 670.

Bankrupt of Company

Large companies are going bankrupt due to the coronavirus, we are not safe in today’s life because as know big Bazar is a one the big retail market place now comes to almost over now, so you can understand what I want to say now we can’t join another company like hp, dell, etc. almost all companies are not offering job vacancy’s so we can’t earn money.

The Future of education

As you Know in India most of the family does not have proper internet connection so how can we attend live classes, it’s lite true Mr.Manish Sisodia(Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi) are introducing an online classes system but whole India it can’t be work, if possible govt can manage the system for whose have not internet or mobile so then it can work properly.

Indian people vs Coronavirus

In India Mostly peoples are not interested to wear a mask or follow any rule about Coronavirus, that’s the reason we can not control it. if we follow the role, wearing a mask and sanitize hands properly so we can fight together properly.

Coronavirus vs Worker

It’s all most same as employees the same story of the worker, the construction is like comes to stop, the worker can work, because of govt. does not allow for a crowd or gather worker or peoples at the same time, without gathered it can’t be possible to work on that site.

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