Coronavirus cases hit 12.8 million in the United States

Coronavirus cases hit 12.8 million in the United States

Coronavirus cases hit 12.8 million: A grim milestone for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic with 12 point 8 million cases now total in the US we’re talking about a rapid surge we have seen over the last several weeks in just the last week 1.2 million new cases for closer look out how things look here in New York City. Let’s bring in Dr. Rabia Millette. She is an emergency physician here in the city and doctor the same question I asked our Florida doctor earlier. What are you seeing right now? In the hospitals, you’ve been operating in?

Are we seeing that significant uptick we’ve seen across the country?

Well, I’m glad that you asked specifically where I work. Because I think that sometimes when people talk about the uptake of cases, of COVID-19, especially here in New York City, I think they tend to think that is all over. And so we’re taking extra precautions and just doing everything we can to still take care of people to still take care of ourselves and survive during this pandemic and possibly just basically spread the message that people have to take this seriously and repeat that message over and over again.

when you talk to New Yorkers, and I’m in New York, that people think we maybe have seen the worst of it, they’ll say like, well, they know how to treat it. Now. Coronavirus cases hit 12.8 million, They no turn people on their son, you’re gonna get steroids or not get on a ventilator.

Are you optimistic in that way?

You know, I think the problem is, is that we, as a country, we don’t respect science, and health, we don’t necessarily, you know, view these microorganisms as a part of our system, our macro system. And so these are live microorganisms, and they can mutate, and the highest no. of Coronavirus cases hit 12.8 million. And so I think that we need to really seriously take this seriously, whether we have the steroids or rhythm severe or hopefully, a potentially safe, nontoxic vaccine, we still have to take this seriously.

I’m not quite settled or relaxed

I’ve seen various clinical presentations from the very young to the very old. And so for me, to say, well, because we have treatment, I’m not so much worried about it, I’m still gonna worry about it. Because again, winter is common, like the Game of Thrones will say, and anything can anything is possible, we didn’t think that it was going to explode the way it exploded back at the height of the pandemic in March, and it did.

And so we just really need to take this seriously. And, you know, it sounds a bit fatigued because, you know, constantly the same thing over and over again, to ask everyone to please, by all means, let’s not take this as lightly.

That we didn’t expect to die

A lot of people have died from these people because initially, it was very old and those who have pre-existing conditions. But for my experience, we saw everyone that was from a gym rat, that was very healthy, sort of very, sort of very old, that will also healthy that have died from this disease. All throughout this pandemic.

Doctor, there’s been a fierce debate happening in this city about what infection happened with the schools after Mayor Mayor Bill de Blasio made that decision to close the schools at a time when restaurants and bars are still open.

Should New York follow those restrictions?

Well, to be honest with you, I can’t compare California to New York and to the rest of the country because everybody operated independently. And so this is what makes the situation even more complicated because once they are you know, still on a strict lockdown will New York and even New Jersey and other parts of the Northeast. You know we were very aggressive with locking down Our cities, our states, and it did help bring the numbers down and helped us in the emergency rooms as well as the rest of the hospitals too, you know, reserve more resources and also not deplete our staff.

As far as the restaurant is closing, I mean, this is a confusing situation, because the schools are getting ready to close again in New York City, which is even more of a conflict because I also have family members that have children that actually attend the public schools, and they’re also working is stressful. And so I don’t have quite a definitive answer.

Is this a good thing or bad thing?

Because I myself is looking at it from a different perspective, I’m, you know, I talk to people that I know, personally, that own restaurant and they’re hurting as well. Listen, I’m begging people, to really start looking at this as what New York is going through open is going through over there has nothing to do with California, or what California California is going through or what down south is going through has nothing to do one, you know, with each individual state, I need us to stop looking at it as such, because it is killing us more than it’s helping us. And but we have not worked together as a nation.

We have been working as independently. And this is what makes it very difficult to even give a proper answer to that question because I don’t know what it feels like to own a restaurant. I don’t but I know what it feels like. I know what it’s like to work in the hospital day in day out seeing people die from this disease or at least not just die but recover from the disease and still have complications. And so I just don’t have a definitive answer. And I’m gonna be very honest, and I apologize for that. But this is just really sad. And

I really, doctor to the point you’re making there really does highlight just how complicated this pandemic is, especially because we’ve seen it evolve so much as well. And the case is different from state to state but appreciate you joining us today, Dr. Rabia millette and emergency medicine emergency physician here in New York City.

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