Best weight loss diet plan for College Girls in 2021

Best weight loss diet plan for College Girls in 2021

Best weight loss diet plan: Hi, guys. So today we are again going to talk about your favorite topic, and that is weight loss. But we’re going to do something different, we aren’t going to talk about weight loss foods or weight-loss diets, we’re just going to talk about Best weight loss diet plan tips. So these are easy, or very simple weight loss routines that you can do. And you will easily maintain your health and your weight and everything with it. And if you’re trying to lose weight, you will lose weight also with it.

How breakfast is the most important meal of the day

you know, we’ve always heard how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it should be the heaviest meal of the day. But well, I don’t agree with that. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but it should not be the heaviest meal, you should always make your breakfast high in fats and proteins, but your lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day.

These are very basic routines

And I’m sure you will lose weight we’ll get there if you hit up that to you will definitely move that. And I also want to discuss certain concepts, which we have always heard and which don’t really work with your bodies, especially when it comes to weight loss. So I’m going to be discussing five top health tips for the Best weight loss diet plan, my five top health tips which I would suggest, and without any delay, let’s just start with them. And the first one is

breakfast and dinner should be comparatively lighter

So if you want to eat some the doll barkery roti, rice, whatever you want to eat, your heaviest meal should be your lunch, your breakfast and dinner should be comparatively lighter so that you burn more fat and your body is not just burning the sugar that you’re eating for breakfast because then you eat a lot when you eat a lot of carbs for breakfast, you end up adding more carbs by lunchtime and then that becomes really difficult to mourn and to process and you end up gaining weight because of that.

The biggest meal of the day by Experts

So if you’re trying to lose weight, your lunch should be the biggest meal of the day, and breakfast and dinner should always be lighter. The second health tip is don’t do too much. I have seen so many people are eating only fruits when they are trying to lose weight. But guys, what you don’t realize is fruit is a lot of sugar, with some vitamins and minerals, of course, good vitamins and minerals, but it has dextrose it has sucrose and all these are sugars, and they create the same response in your body. Of course, you need to eat fruits, they are very important, but you need to have them only once a day especially as your mid-morning snack. So you can have it as a snack between your breakfast and your lunch and in a limited quantity.

Those yo-yo diets with only fruits

And any seasonal fruit will do good to you but just don’t do too much of foods or just don’t do those yo-yo diets with only fruits in it, because that will do more harm to your body than any benefit. So you might lose water weight initially, but then later you start reaching a plateau or you just stop losing weight. So never do too many fruits because fruits might make you gain weight also in the longer run. The third one is taking care of your gut. guys I’ve made a different video also that tells before your gut is like your second brain so you need to really take care of your gut. by consuming foods which are high in probiotics. You need to consume foods, which are really good for your gut.

Make sure your gut is healthy

You need to eliminate foods like dairy, gluten, fried food, processed food, or hydrogenated oils, need to completely remove that from your diet so that your gut your digestive system is healthy, and you need to include good probiotics like tahini, buttermilk, or coconut yogurt, or you can have kombucha you can have kimchi, you can have fermented South Indian foods. So you can have prebiotics, all these things will make sure your gut is healthy. And when your gut is healthy, your body automatically starts shedding weight and losing weight. So the third tip to lose weight or Best weight loss diet plan is to take care of your gut health, take care of your digestive health, and you will lose weight faster.

Fourth piece of advice for Best weight loss diet plan

is to get your body moving. It is no matter how good your diet is. If you’re not maintaining a good physical activity, you’re not going to lose weight, your metabolism needs to increase. So go on a walk or go to the gym do platys do the bar or do yoga do or at least 50 pseudonymous currimundi go for a run, just do one good physical activity if you like to dance dance, if you like to play a sport, play a sport, any kind of physical activity is fine, but you need to make sure that for one army to get your body moving, and that way you will be burning more fat and you will also keep your metabolism high and you will lose weight. So this was the fourth tip to lose weight and my fifth and the most important tip is don’t be scared.

burn fat and lose weight

To go high in fat because guys, good fats help you burn fat and lose weight and it gets you stubborn fat moving. So don’t be scared to do your butter coffee. If you want to remove fats from your diet, remove the bad fats. So you need to remove all the fried food you’re eating all the junk food that you’re eating all the processed meats you’re eating, remove all the vegetable oils from your diet.

Processed foods fried foods actually

Oh, all these processed foods fried foods actually make you your cholesterol which is your LDL, which is bad cholesterol, it causes that to go high and good fats will help you get that lowered.

These are my top five health

So, guys, these are my top five health tips for the Best weight loss diet plan and I hope you like these health tips and if you liked it, make sure you subscribe to my channel and share this video with everyone who needs to Best weight loss diet plan or who would be interested in this video. And always remember, it’s never just a diet it’s always a lifestyle. So stay healthy, stay safe with stateful and stateless.

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