Baba ka Dhaba case filed against Youtuber Gaurav Wasan

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Baba ka Dhaba case filed against Youtuber Gaurav Wasan

Baba ka Dhaba: One is on YouTube named. Gaurav Vasan He shot a video. Kanta Prasad, an 80-year-old elder. He lives in Malviya Nagar and has a shop there.

New Delhi: Police filed a case against Gaurav Wasan was donating for Mr. Kanta Prasad, but Mr. Prasad did not get the donating funds properly, Gaurav Vasan had given money to Mr. prasad.

Delhi Bases Food YouTube blogger “Gaurav Wasan” made for social media video of Baba Ka Dhaba, in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, During lockdown or Covid-19 situation Mr.Kanta was not getting Any sale through at the lockdown, at that time the condition was very disappointed.

Baba Ka Dhaba Summarize story

When Mr.Vasan share a video of Mr. Kanta the video got viral, Bollywood actor & Actress were commenting on that video, the Next Day a crowd of YouTuber’s and young peoples gathered in front of Baba ka Dhaba, and the sale came to the next level also Mr. Prasad was so happy at that time & Baba comes viral.

Mr.Gaurav Vasan Ingenuity

The turning point came when Mr. Gaurav on his account number or QR code instead of Baba’s account, Gaurav gave cheque Rs 2.33 lakh in October and said that our accounts are over Now!

YouTube Controversy about the Money

Everyone knew it was going wrong at that time Elvish Yadav makes a video on that topic his also a famous Youtuber, Elvish Yadav, and many more Youtubers and youth Controversy about the money blame on Mr. Gaurav Vasan for fraud on Mr. Kanta

Mr.Kanta Prasad has filed a case against Gaurav

When Mr. Prasad was upset that his money was not coming to his account when he went and filed a case against Gaurav. if anyone else was in such a situation, would do the same.

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