Are whey protein supplements safe for our health?

Are whey protein supplements safe for our health?

Are whey protein supplements safe for our health? Hello friends, there was a question which kept coming to me for the past six months, I thought I would address it today. Doctor, is whey protein safe?

Can we consume that whey protein is absolutely safe, and it can be consumed?

If you are, if you’re one of those people, you know, who goes to the gym who trains regularly, one or two scoops per day based on your levels of activity is totally acceptable way is nothing but a derivative of milk. There are two kinds of protein that you know, which can be derived from milk. One is whey The other one is casein whey. Now, there are a lot of studies numerous studies on the, you know, on the benefits of whey. And if you’re lactose intolerant, probably you shouldn’t be consuming whey protein because your gastrointest your stomach is not going to be able to handle that. Whey Protein is nothing but a mix of protein, lactose, few immunoglobulins, and some minerals. Let me list out the benefits of whey protein.

As we all know that the most common benefit number one is it helps you build muscle. If you engage yourself in some form of physical activity, especially resistance training, like you know, go to the gym or CrossFit. Any of those things. Definitely, whey protein helps you recover faster. Secondly, it increases the production of glutathione. glutathione is an antioxidant, which helps your body fight free radical injury, especially when you train or when you exercise. There are a lot of free radicals injuries happening at the mitochondrial level, all over your body. So this glutathione fights it and it helps you know your body regulate the free radicals or it come back sci-fi radicality. Number three, it reduces food cravings, “Are whey protein supplements safe for our health?”

There are two important hormones in your body

called ghrelin and leptin, which actually balances the whole, you know, hunger and energy balance mechanism in the body. Studies show that people who consume whey protein on a regular basis post-workout had consistently low levels of ghrelin so that directly had an effect on your hunger cravings. It reduced the holiday cravings and lastly, very important, it helps you burn fat and maintain the muscle mass in your body. Whey Protein is got the ability to deliver amino acids rapidly into your bloodstream, which has got direct effects on burning fat.

There are few side effects of whey protein, if you are lactose intolerant, and if you can’t handle dairy products, please avoid whey protein because it can cause nausea it can cause vomiting, can cause some gastrointestinal disturbances, and some people diarrhea as well. When we take whey protein, I hope you understood the benefits of whey protein. Please have this in mind. Though there are benefits of whey protein, it is still a supplement. It is not real food. Nothing can match real food, eat right exercise well stay strong. I will be breaking down more myths about the other supplements.

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