Anxiety disorders – Symptoms and causes

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Anxiety disorders - Symptoms and causes
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Anxiety is a type of fear that affects a person’s functionality. Anxiety is a universal problem that affects the efficiency of all of us to a great extent. If seen, anxiety is a personal feeling towards a crisis. Which accompanies the body by increasing levels of functional stimulation. Anxiety is the result of the stimulation of various organs of the body, due to which various types of psychological and physical changes take place in a person’s body. Such as- negative thoughts, no mood at work, rapid breathing rate and heart rate and frequent urination, etc. However, many scholars also believe that a limited level of concern is required to do the work better and with full dedication.

Management of Anxiety

As we know that the pyre lives with the body’s arousal. Due to excitement, players are able to give their best performance. Although lower than one level or excessive stimulation negatively impacts sports performance Can put. For example – on one hand, due to less stimulation, the player is not expected to be motivated. This causes him to lack vigilance and his movements become slow and inappropriate. At the same time, the player’s coordination ability due to the other more intense stimulation. Flexibility and precision of activities (TAccuracy) decrease. In such a situation, the following methods for managing anxiety can prove to be beneficial

(a) Breathing Technique:

While standing, lying, or sitting, take a deep breath and exhale, pronounce the word ‘Om’. Keep repeating this method according to your requirement and simultaneously feel that you are getting relaxed. This breathing process is definitely beneficial in managing/controlling anxiety.

(b) Attention:

Sitting in a comfortable position at a quiet place, close your eyes. Now, for focusing, slowly inhale and chant a small word in the mind like ‘Om’. By meditating regularly for some time, the pyre can be reduced to a great extent.

(c) Winning spirit:

The player should always keep his thinking positive. They should not be disappointed or happy with a defeat or a victory. If the player also loses then he should think that the performance of the opposition player was better so he deserves the win.

(d) Increased Willpower:

If the player has strong willpower then his performance can improve a lot. It is natural for anxiety to decrease due to better performance.

(e) Confidence:

The confident player does not give up until the last moment. Concern has no negative effect on the player’s performance due to confidence in himself.

(f) Stop thinking:

Do not overthink your opposition player or team. If players start thinking that the opposition is better or I am weaker than that player, then they should stop thinking and focus on their positive features rather than their shortcomings.

(g) Yoga:

If yoga is done regularly by the players, then their mind and brain become worry-free.

“Do you know that Anorexia nervosa is also like this”

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